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‘Tis the season to be jolly clean

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Getting your house Christmas ready.

With COVID-19 rules changing by the day, but family allowed for Christmas, it’s nice to have a guarantee that dry cleaners will remain open as part of an essential industry. So, now is the time to get your home cleaned and refreshed ready for Christmas.

To give you the gift of time this Christmas, here are items throughout your home that multi-award-winning Peters’ Cleaners, for hygiene and/or appearance purposes, recommends you consider cleaning.

For healthy sleep you need a healthy bed.

Let’s start from where every day begins, in the bedroom. Washing your bedding should be part of a weekly routine, but with COVID-19 and the possibility of you having guests for Christmas, the need to wash such items has taken on greater significance.

Detergents should kill any virus on fabric, like soap and water would on your hands, but there are other items on beds to consider cleaning before and after guests.

Pillows should be washed along with mattress toppers and even duvets. It is not only a virus that can lurk, but dust and bugs too.

Read more on what dust contains in the Naked Scientist?

To ensure the bedroom looks its best, don’t forget to see if bedspreads, throws and curtains also need cleaning. You’ll be amazed how bright they look once cleaned.

Ensure your living room is welcoming and clean.

If you’re welcoming and clean. putting up your tree and hanging your decorations, have a quick look at your sofas, chairs, curtains and rugs.

Not only do fabrics harbour dust which dulls colours, but food and drink spillages, animal hair and mud can also make your chairs, rugs and curtains appear grubby. Upholstered chairs and sofa covers can be taken into most dry cleaners along with curtains and rugs to lift the room and also ensure it smells good for your guests.

Give Christmas dinner a clean setting.

Before you plan how the dinner table will look on the big day, check how clean your table cloths, runners, napkins and chairs are. It would be a shame to spend hours in the kitchen preparing a fabulous dinner to set it out on a dirty cloth!

Don’t forget to clean your table cloths, runners and napkins after the big day too. Food and drink contain sugars which crystalise over time and go brown. This makes stains hard to remove and can also rot the material into holes.

Throughout your home.

Finally check other curtains, rugs and items such as animal beds that can emit a strong odour which some guests may find unpleasant.

And don’t forget to clean your clothes!

Now you have a plan to get your house Christmas ready, check your outfits are clean and ready for the big day. Don’t get your dress out on Christmas Eve to find a stain on the front!

One final word.

All of us at Peters’ Cleaners wish you a very Merry Christmas. I think we are all looking forward to the end of 2020!

#stay clean, #stay home and #stay safe

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