Reproofing – Protecting your clothing and furniture covers

What is reproofing? Reproofing is a hydrophobic chemical treatment that causes water to ‘bead up’ and run off before it can permeate the fabric itself. This surface coating needs replacing from time to time in the form of reproofing, which can be done at home using a spray or wash, or by a reputable dry […]

January Tips – Scene Magazine

Learn how to remove tea stains and read about other dry cleaning and laundry tips for your clothes and home furnishings as published in Scene Magazine in January 2018. January 2018

October Tips – Scene Magazine

Dry cleaning and caring for curtains. Laundry tips for water stains and other seasonal tips for your clothes in Scene Magazine. October 2017    

Is Dry Cleaning Dry?

The simple answer is ‘No’. The dry cleaning process soaks clothing and fabrics in solvent, the most widely used of which is Tetrachloroethylene (commonly known as Perchloroethylene or Perc). So why is it called Dry Cleaning? Simply because when cleaning clothing and textiles no (or very little) water is used. Over time all fabrics become […]

To wash or not to wash………….

  Most of us have had some form or ‘laundry disaster’ during our lives and avoiding these is easier once you understand the care label. Care labels may initially seem a little daunting, but familiarising yourself with these 3 key concepts will simplify things: The Basic Symbols   There are 5 key symbols you need […]