Water Recycling

We took another step towards being a sustainable dry cleaning company in 2019 by introducing a water recycling system into our factory.

What many people do not know is that whilst dry cleaning does not use water in the cleaning
process, water is used to cool the machine.

For each dry cleaning cycle we run, 60 litres of water is used. This water was just flushed down the drain meaning on a busy day up to 560 litres of water were wasted. As the water had been used purely for cooling it was clean and could be re-used.

In 2019 we installed a recycling system that channeled the waste water back into our factory so that it could be used again and not wasted.

In 2020 we shall increase our capacity for recycling water by installing a system that enables us to clean the water used in the rinse cycles of our machines so it can be used again. This means only the water used for the initial wash will go down the drain, all other water used in the factory for cleaning will be recyled.