Reducing Carbon Emissions

Every business should be looking to reduce its carbon footprint. At Peters’ Cleaners we have identified the following ways we can do this:

Reduce our use of fossil fuels

In 2020 we looked at the viability of moving away from fossil fuels and using renewable energy in our properties.

Our analysis showed that whilst it is not yet cost viable for us to replace gas with electricity for the generation of steam, there were ways we could reduce our use of gas such as minimising the use of tumble dryers and maximising the volume of items we have in each cleaning cycle so less cycles are required.

All the electricity we use comes from renewable energy.

Make our buildings more efficient

Peters’ Cleaners is embarking on a review of its buildings to see where improvements can be made in relation to insulation and lighting efficiency. We have recently worked with our landlord to have a new, double glazed shop front put on our Millfield shop to better insulate the building and will be refurbishing the the shops in 2021 to make them more efficient where possible.

Reducing carbon emissions from vans

We know our customers want convenience but home pick ups for small volumes is damaging to the environment and unsustainable. Peters’ Cleaners has therefore found an alternative way too provide its services to you in a more convenient way.

We are placing 24/7 self-service pods at convenient locations that you visit during your weekly routine such as Serpentine Green shopping centre and Peterborough Station. This means you do not have to make a special trip for your cleaning, you can just drop it off as you pass the pod. More information is available in our section on 24/7 self-service pods.