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Stamford Living – Feb 19

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Local Dry Cleaner targets a reduction in the use of plastic in 2019.

Local independent dry cleaner, Peters’ Cleaners, is targeting a 30% reduction in its use of plastic in 2019 and is asking its Customers to help it achieve its target.

The initiative will see Peters’ Cleaners taking a 3 phase approach:
1. Customers will be encouraged where practical to take clothes without plastic wrapping.
2. A trial of re-usable bags will be done.
3. Customers will be encouraged to return coat hangers.
‘We have done a full review of our packaging and there is no weatherproof, cost effective, alternative packaging available at present’ said Vicky Whiter, owner of Peters’ Cleaners.

‘The plastic we use to protect the clothes can be recycled but our ultimate aim is simply to use less and we are asking for the help of our Customers to do this’.

Vicky believes that a large number of regular clients put clothes straight into their cars and the risk therefore of them getting dirty before reaching home is minimal.

‘There will always be delicate items and clothes that are collected on foot that need protection. For this reason we believe that a target higher than 30% would be unrealistic. In the meantime we will continue to work with our suppliers to look for a suitable alternative to plastic’.

Peters’ Cleaners, founded in 1963 has shops at:

1 Mayors Walk, Peterborough, 791 Lincoln Road Peterborough, 13 St. Paul’s Street Stamford and 1 East Street Crowland. In addition to dry cleaning they offer repairs and alterations, laundry, handbag restoration and invisible repairs.

For more information visit www.petercleaners.co.uk. You can also follow Peters’ Cleaners for latest offers and fabric care tips on Facebook @peterscleanersUK and Twitter @PetersCleaner

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