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Wedding Dresses


Preserve your memories and clean your wedding dress.

Wedding dresses hold treasured memories and at Peters’ Cleaners we treat each dress with the love and respect it deserves.

Often made of delicate fabrics with lace, beading and layers, wedding dresses cannot just be thrown into a machine. We hand treat every dress where needed before putting it through a delicate cycle. We then go over the dress with a fine toothcomb ensuring every mark we see is removed to the best of our ability.

Peters’ Cleaners has been cleaning wedding dresses since 1963. We have the experience to clean any type of wedding dress including those without care labels. We recommend that dresses are cleaned as soon after the special day as possible. Stains can set in and be more difficult to remove the older they are.

To ensure the dress is as fresh in 20 years as it is the day you collect it from us deliver each dress back packed in a breathable hand made storage box from The Empty Box Company. The dress is wrapped in acid free tissue paper and the box secured with a satin ribbon.

We can also clean your veil, wedding shoes and bridesmaids dresses and of course the mother of the bride’s outfit.

For more information on how we clean wedding dresses and our pricing, please read our blogs.