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Shirt Service

Get your shirts looking clean and crisp...

Like your shirt to look  clean and crisp? Hate washing and ironing it? Then let us professionally wash or dry clean and then press your shirts to ensure they look clean and crisp every time you wear them. We can also replace or secure loose buttons.

The cost of washing and ironing a shirt starts at £2.80 but we offer discounts of up to 20% for multiple shirts. We also offer a press only service so please ask. For a full list of prices see our price list.

At Peters’ Cleaners we take pride in ensuring every shirt we wash is returned to you is in the best condition it can be on time, every time. We always clean according to the care label but occasionally, to get the best result, we may want to use a second process. If so, we’ll call you for permission.

We prepare each item to ensure the best result. Dirty collars and cuffs are pre-treated to ensure the best chance of removing in-ground dirt. We pre-spot food stains that our professional detergents or dry cleaning will not remove.

Persistent, stubborn stains are treated multiple times and if we believe a second process will improve its appearance we do so at no additional cost.

Once we are satisfied your shirt is clean then we press it to a highly professional standard.

Collars and cuffs are pressed using specialist equipment that avoids any ‘shine’ effect.

We ‘blow press’ our shirts when wet using a specialist hot air press to ensure a professional finish.

All shirts are returned on specially designed hangers to minimise creasing and hand finished if required to give the best possible result.

Every shirt we clean passes through a quality control stage before being returned to you.