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Washing machine broken?

Laundry is one of our specialities so if you don’t have a washing machine, your machine has broken or you just have too much laundry bring it to us.

We offer 2 services:

Service wash
This is our wash and fold service. You check pockets and separate the items into the loads you want. We wash, dry and fold them. We have 3 charges – small, medium and large depending on the weight of the bag.

Our standard turnaround is 2 days but if you bring your washing to us by 9am we can get it back to you on the same day although additional charges will apply.

Individual items

Some items need more special attention. They may be designer, delicate or be heavily soiled or you may just want to have them pressed. For a professional wash and press bring them to us. We always follow the advice on the care label and if we think an additional process will improve the quality of the finish we will discuss this with you.

For guideline pricing please visit our price list.