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Evening Wear

Get your Evening Wear Cleaned...

Evening wear can present issues when dry cleaning a delicate fabrics, layers, pleats and beading all offer their own risks and challenges. At Peters’ Cleaners we have nearly 60 years of experience of cleaning dinner jackets, dresses and kilts ensuring the best results.


Often made of delicate fabrics, evening dresses and cocktail dresses need special care.

Common stains include alcohol and food and we take the care to pre-treat all stains where required to ensure the best result. Once cleaned, all items are carefully pressed to ensure the dress is presented back to its owner in the best possible condition.

Wraps, shawls, handbags and fabric shoes can also be cleaned. We even do Jimmy Choos!


Crisp straight creases on trousers and well pressed dinner jackets are one of our trade marks. Mess kits, tails, morning suits and kilts are also regularly cleaned by us. We carefully work on any mark or stain, dry-clean and then hand-finish. Pressing inside and out ensures pockets and linings are not creased. All suits are returned on suit hangers that keep the jackets in shape.

Pricing varies depending upon the item but please see our Price List for more detail.