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Dry Cleaning & Wet Cleaning

What are dry cleaning and wet cleaning?

We know our Customers don’t just want the best results for their clothes but also care for the environment which is why we offer both dry cleaning (a process by which we clean items using chemicals rather than water) and wet cleaning (a process that uses water and biodegradable chemicals).

Getting the best results

Whichever process we use, our mission remains the same which is: to ensure every item cleaned is returned to our customer in the best possible condition it can be in, on time, every time.

Dry cleaning and wet cleaning are not just about putting clothes into a machine. Fabrics are technical and at Peters’ Cleaners we have nearly 60 years’ experience of cleaning thousands of items a year ranging from suits to antique wedding dresses. We pride ourselves in cleaning to a consistently high quality.

What makes Peters’ Cleaners different?

Peters’ Cleaners is Stamford and Peterborough’s leading independent dry cleaner. Our philosophy of Customer Care earned us the Mercury Business Award 2018 along with Best Dry Cleaning Business 2020. That along with consistently high quality of dry cleaning and competitive pricing have kept us in business nearly 60 years.

We are also the only company in the region to offer dry cleaning, wet cleaning and laundry services meaning we can guarantee your items get the best care. Regardless of the method of cleaning, every item cleaned goes through 7 stages of cleaning to ensure we achieve our mission of delivering your items back to you in the best possible condition they can be, on time, every time.