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Bed Linen

Washing and pressing of bed linen.

Ensuring bed linen is clean, fresh and well pressed can be difficult at home. Peters’ Cleaners washes and presses sheets to a professional standard giving your bedding that hotel-crisp finish.

All our bedding is washed in professional grade detergent that is kind to the fabric but removes stains and prevents white sheets from developing that yellow tinge. If you have blood or other stains on your bedding we will pre-treat to give the best chance of it being removed.

Our bedding is pressed on a professional linen press giving a crisp finish to sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases. Items are then folded and wrapped so they are delivered back to you in the best condition they can be.

If you don’t want your linen wrapped in plastic, you can invest in one of our linen bags. You can use them to drop your dirty linen off in and we will return your clean linen to you in the same bag.

Most people change their bedding weekly so our standard turnaround is 5 days. If you need bedding more quickly then please ask for our express service. We also offer a press only service if you want to wash your sheets at home.

Please see our Price List for detail on our pricing.

We also clean Duvets and Pillows and dry clean bed spreads.