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Animal Items

Are your dog beds and horse rugs too big for your machine?

Horse rugs are too just too big to get into your washing machine, as are many dog beds. They get extremely dirty in the winter months so bring them to Peters’ Cleaners for a wash. No rugs or beds are too big, too filthy or too smelly for us to clean.

Dog beds do not just harbour dirt but can also harbour dust and pests. These can be harmful to health so a regular wash is important to ensure you dog and household stays healthy. It also keeps the bed looking nice and smelling better!

Horse rugs can get extremely muddy over the winter months so ensure you get them washed before you store them away for the summer months. This avoids the fabric rotting and will give the rug a longer lifetime.

Our pricing varies depending on the size and thickness of the item so please contact us for pricing.

Horse rugs and dog beds have a standard turnaround of 7 days as we need to ensure they are not only clean but dry and properly aired before returning them to you.

As rugs, blankets and pet beds are bulky items they need are not suitable for our 24/7 self-service pods so please take them to one of our shops.