• Covid19: We are open. See Coronavirus section under About Us for more information
  • Our 24/7 self-service PODS are Covid19 safe with no human interaction.

Serpentine Green

Located outside the shopping centre, next to the Barber’s Pod at the H&M entrance to Serpentine Green, our 24/7 self service pod means you can drop off or pick up your clothes at any time of the day or night, any day of the year. Standard turnaround time is 2-working days.

You need a membership card to unlock the doors for which you have to initially Register.

Once you have your cards you can use them to drop-off and pick-up, at your convenience, time and time again.

Services available at this location...

Contact Information

Hargate Way, Hampton, Peterborough PE7 8BE
Tel: 01733 562997
Email: enquiries@peterscleaners.co.uk

Opening Times

24/7  every day of the year.

Nearest parking – Serpentine Green

How it works

Peters’ Cleaners 24/7 Self-Service pods offer a dry cleaning and laundry service that gives maximum convenience without compromising on service. As there is no human contact they are also Covid-19 Safe. The doors unlock when you present your membership card for which you have to complete a one time registration process.

To Register

To access our pods you need a membership card. To get your cards, register online to set up an account. You only have to do this once!

To set up an account you will be required to give your name, contact details and enter your credit card details. Peters’ Cleaners uses a secure online trading portal for this to ensure all your details are secure.

Once you register, we activate the account, issue your cards and post them to you. Please don’t worry if your account isn’t immediately activated. This can sometimes take up to 24 hours.

To Use

Once you receive your cards, using the pods is as easy as 1,2,3…….

Prepare your Items

Put your dry cleaning and laundry into a bag with 1 of your membership cards and secure tightly. If you have any special instructions, pop in a note.

Drop off

Go to the drop off door of the pod and to the left is a scanner. Simply present your card once. When you hear a beep, after 2 seconds the door will unlock and you can open it and put in your bag. Please make sure you then close the door.

We collect your clothes, check them for any special treatment that may be required and log them in. You receive an email at this stage confirming we have collected your clothes and have taken payment. You can log into your Account online at any time to get the detail of all your orders.

We follow our 7 steps of cleaning and when we are happy that your clothes are in the best possible condition they can be, we return them to the pod for you to collect. You receive an email saying they are ready for collection.

Pick Up

Once you have received our email, present your card at the pick up door of the unit by scanning and your clothes will be returned. Your clothes will have a receipt and your membership card returned with them so you can use your card again and again. Hand sanitise to be Covid-19 safe.

It’s as easy as that!