• COVID-19: Our shops are fully open Mon-Fri 8.30am - 5.30pm and Sat 8.30am - 4pm
  • Our 24/7 self-service pods are COVID-19 safe with no human interaction.

Why Create an Account?

Why Create an Account with Peters’ Cleaners?

Before you can use our 24/7 self service pods we need you to register your contact and payment details with us. Once we have these, we can activate your account and post your membership cards. Your membership cards mean you can use the pods again and again.

Registration is done through a third party which is why the Account Registration form is not branded as Peters’ Cleaners. We use a well-established and reputable company as they are specialists in data protection and privacy so your information is secure.

Why do I need membership cards?

The doors on our 24/7 self service pods are locked for security reasons. To drop off or pick up your items you need to a valid membership card.

To unlock the doors you simply present your card to the scanner and you will hear a beep. That indicates your card has been read and that you can use the unit.

Why do I need to register my credit card details?

We take payment for your items once we have checked them in for cleaning and if your card details are registered we don’t have to bother you.

We no longer take payment for anything when it is collected as we have had too many people in past just not bothering to collect. All items we clean are paid for, whether dropped at the pod or the shops, prior to cleaning.

Why can’t I pay by card at the 24/7 self service pod?

We don’t have payment facilities at the pod because:

  1. We drop off to be as quick as possible to avoid queues during busy (or wet) times.
  2. If the item is severely damaged, we may not be able to clean it.
  3. We don’t expect you to be experts on our pricing.
  4. The item may require a repair

How secure is my data?

At Peters’ Cleaners we use a third-party company to host our client’s data and we are PCI compliant. Your card details have the same security around them as a banking app or a company such as Amazon. Once you register your card details, the system replaces them with a token meaning at no time can anyone hack into Peters’ Cleaners data and steal your card details. Staff members are also unable to see card details.

What information is on my membership card?

The barcode and chip on your membership card simply has a long number on it which is meaningless to anyone if they hack into it.

How long does the Registration process take?

The whole process from registering to receiving your cards takes 2-3 days.

Registration takes a matter of minutes, simply Register here.

Peters’ Cleaners then gets alerted that a Customer has registered and we activate the account which can take up to 24 hours. You can’t use the account until we have activated it so please don’t worry if you can’t log in immediately.

Once we have activated the account your cards are posted to you first class.