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Should I clean my wedding dress?

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You have just had the most wonderful wedding day and a new chapter in your life has started. But what do you do with that beautiful dress that you put so much time and love into choosing to ensure you felt so special on the day?

This is a challenge that is faced by many brides. The cost of cleaning a wedding dress is high compared to standard dresses so the decision to get it cleaned should only be taken if you want to keep your dress or sell it.  If you want to sell your dress, weigh up the cost of the cleaning against the likely value you will get for the dress.

So why is a wedding dress more expensive to clean than a normal dress?  This comes down to a number of factors:

  • The material – wedding dresses are often made of very delicate materials that easily damage when cleaned and need specialist care. The hem of wedding dresses often pick up a lot of dirt and mud and require specialist treatment by hand
  • The size – full skirts, trains and layers all add to the weight and volume of a wedding dress increasing the cost of cleaning
  • The detail – many wedding dresses have beads, crystals, lace and other fine detail on them that make them particularly delicate to clean and many dry cleaners will not undertake such delicate work

The above factors mean that cleaning a wedding dress is both a delicate and lengthy process with much of the work done by hand.

Fabric needs to breathe to prevent it from discolouring so if you are investing in having your dress cleaned, ensure you store it correctly. When you buy a dress you may be provided with a breathable storage bag which will ensure the dress stays nice if hung. The alternative is a breathable box such as the one we provide at Peters’ Cleaners. All dresses, once inspected by you, are wrapped in tissue paper and packed in a specially designed box that is easy for storage but also as beautiful as the dress inside.

The good news is that at Peters’ Cleaners we have over 50 years of cleaning wedding dresses so you can feel comfortable that your dress is in good hands.


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