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Apr 19 – Nene Living

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A fresh idea from Peters’ Cleaners

Many of us already enjoy the quality and service that Peters’ Cleaners provide.

But from this month they are offering something more, a 24/7 drop-off point at Peterborough Station, situated between the station entrance and Waitrose, alongside Moore’s Estate Agents.

What could be better for a commuter, or as part of your regular Waitrose shop? Deposit your item into the automated drop-off point (a matter of seconds) and hop on the train for a day’s work. Just sign up for your membership pack and you are ready to go. If you elect for the same day service you can pick it up any time after 4pm on your way home, again an automated process that will take less than a minute. Or you can elect for the next day or standard service, and you can also pick it up at the Stamford and Peterborough branch if that suits you better. What could be simpler or more convenient, without losing an iota of quality? And the prices are exactly the same as if you took it into one of the shops.

Vicky Whiter, owner, is very excited by the potential of this innovative new offering: “People these days are often time poor, and value services that can save them those few precious extra minutes without any loss of quality. This is what this exciting new service can provide, backed up by all the quality assurance of Peters’ Cleaners, a business that has been established for over 56 years and has won 2 Mercury Business Awards last year – Best Customer Care and Best Independent Retailer. And whilst the concept is new in this country, it is well established and proven in other parts of the world. It is ideal for dry cleaning and laundering of clothes, specifically suits, dresses, coats and shirts. Also, for repairs and alterations.

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