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  • Our 24/7 self-service pods are COVID-19 safe with no human interaction.

Our Mission

Peters’ Cleaners’ mission is to ensure:

Every item cleaned is returned to our customers in the best possible condition it can be, on time, every time.

Whether you visit our shops in Stamford or Peterborough, or use our convenient 24/7 self-service pods, each piece we dry clean, wet clean, launder or hand wash for you goes through our  7 stages of cleaning.

By checking items carefully when we first get them, identifying stains and/or damage, treating or repairing we ensure that when the items are cleaned they have the best possible chance of becoming clean first time. In the event stubborn stains remain, we clean again.

Items are then pressed to a high standard and passed through a quality control stage before being packaged ready for return.

In 2019 we cleaned over 57,000 items. 97.7% of items cleaned were returned to customers on time and our customers were happy with the cleaning first time. 0.3% of items our customers asked us to clean again as there was still a small mark. Overall we achieved our mission – to return every item we clean in the best possible condition it can be on time, every time on 99.99% of them.

This attention to detail, coupled with our exceptional customer service has resulted in us winning 6 awards to date.