• COVID-19: Our shops are fully open Mon-Fri 8.30am - 5.30pm and Sat 8.30am - 4pm
  • Our 24/7 self-service pods are COVID-19 safe with no human interaction.

Our History

Peters’ Cleaners was established in Peterborough on 28th February 1963 by Peter (father) and Peter (son) Grist…..hence the name.  They’re the ones on the right!

the company was the first to offer ‘on the spot’ dry cleaning to the local community meaning a fast turnaround.

What happened next?

As demand for ‘on the spot’ dry cleaning grew, the company expanded and at its peak it had 4 shops in Peterborough (Newark Avenue, Broadway, Mayors Walk and Lincoln Road) and the company then took over Peter Bulbick’s in Stamford.

During the 1990s, work dress became more casual which resulted in a decline in demand for dry cleaning. Peters’ Cleaners diversified into laundry but the City of Peterborough was also changing.

With new business parks opening to the West of the City and the relocation of the Hospital, Peters’ Cleaner’s shops were no longer in the right locations. In addition, dry cleaning was now being offered in supermarkets which was more convenient for customers.

By 2015, Peters’ Cleaners had closed its shops in Newark Avenue and Broadway and revenues at Mayors Walk, Lincoln Road and Stamford had also declined.

What happened next?

In June 2016 local businesswoman Vicky Whiter bought the business. Her vision was to ensure Peters’ Cleaners regained its position as the best independent dry cleaning company in the region.

Vicky focused the team on 3 things:

  • Customer service
  • Consistency of high quality cleaning
  • Convenience for the customer

The hard work paid off. Peters’ Cleaners saw revenues increase significantly and customer feedback improve. In 2018 the company won its first 2 awards.

In October 2019, we launched the UK’s only 24/7 self-service pod for the drop off and collection of dry cleaning at Serpentine Green shopping centre. A second unit is scheduled to open at Peterborough Station in January 2021.

Our pods give access to a wider number of customers by enabling them to drop off and pick up their dry cleaning at any time of the day or night 365 days a year. The quality of cleaning, turnaround and price is the same as the shops, its just the location is more convenient.

The awards have kept coming and the future looks bright for Peters’ Cleaners. We will be rolling out more 24/7 pods, focusing on sustainability and ensuring we never lose sight of the exceptional customer service and quality of cleaning we are known for.

So, if you haven’t done already, please come and see us. There is nobody in the area with more knowledge of cleaning, commitment to service and willingness to go that extra mile.

Vicky Whiter, Owner