• COVID-19: Our shops are fully open Mon-Fri 8.30am - 5.30pm and Sat 8.30am - 4pm
  • Our 24/7 self-service pods are COVID-19 safe with no human interaction.

Coronavirus Update


Our normal opening hours are 8.30am – 5.30pm Mon – Fri and 8.30am to 4pm Sat.

We are an essential industry so always remain open, but when in Tier 4 or above have the following reduced opening hours:

Monday: 10.00am – 3.00pm

Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday: 10.00am – 3.00pm

Thursday: CLOSED

Friday: CLOSED

Saturday: 10.00am – 3.00pm

Our 24/7 self-service pods remain open at all times for you to drop off and pick up your clothes. It is outside and there is no human contact. To make it COVID-19 safe simply sanitise your hands before and after opening the doors. Click here for more information.

During lockdown we continue to offer a full range of dry cleaning, laundry and repair and alterations but our turnaround increases from 2 days to 1 week for general cleaning done and 2 weeks for non-urgent items such as duvets etc.

We have educated our staff on the risks of COVID-19 and how to stay safe. Staff showing any symptoms are not allowed in work. We have also streamlined our pick up and drop off processes for regular customers meaning we need less staff in the shop without compromising our service offering.

We appreciate that, at this difficult time, people are self-isolating and social distancing. We have done a full COVID-19 risk assessment to ensure we are in line with the Government’s guidelines and have the following measures in place:

  1. All staff have their temperature taken upon arriving at work. If they have a temperature they are sent home.
  2. Our staff wear face coverings, wash their hands regularly and wear gloves when appropriate.
  3. We have screens installed in our shops.
  4. Only 1 customer is allowed in the shop at a time.
  5. Customers are required to wear face coverings and stay behind the screen. Customers are asked only to approach the counter if asked.
  6. Customers are requested to keep a sensible distance (minimum 1 metre) between themselves and the counter. There are designated pick up and drop off areas to avoid any direct contact.
  7. Regular customers have set up accounts speeding up drop off and collection. This ensures minimal queuing for all.
  8. Customers are asked not to visit the shop if they are showing any symptoms of COVID-19.
  9. Both staff and customers are encouraged to use the drop off/pick up areas to avoid the direct handing over of any items.
  10. Customers are provided with Alcohol Hand Rub.
  11. Staff give the shop a thorough clean, wiping handles, the card machine, tables etc. after each visit.
  12. Staff keeping our shops aired so apologies if they are a little chilly!

We hope all our customers stay safe and look forward to continuing to serve you through these challenging times.