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7 Stages of Cleaning

What Makes Peters’ Cleaners Different?

Peters’ Cleaners is Stamford and Peterborough’s leading independent dry cleaner. Our philosophy of Customer Care earned us the Mercury Business Award 2018 along with Best Dry Cleaning Business 2020. That along with consistently high quality of dry cleaning and competitive pricing have kept us in business nearly 60 years.

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7 Stages

All items we clean go through the following 7 stages:


Our staff examine every item prior to cleaning to identify any damage. If we see any need of a repair we contact you to offer the service.


We carefully pre-treat all stains to get the best results and ensure delicates are cleaned separately in a bag to avoid any risk of damage. Any buttons that need protecting are covered to ensure they do not get damaged.


Our policy is to always follow the instructions on the care label but in the rare event we think there is any risk of beads melting or colour running we will call you prior to cleaning to talk the risks through with you. You can then make an informed decision on whether dry cleaning is the best process for your item.


After cleaning we press every item to the highest standard using specialist steam equipment. We take pride in ensuring straight crisp creases on trousers and that linings, pockets and collars are correctly pressed. Our longest-serving staff member has been pressing clothes for over 40 years.

Quality Control

Every item is carefully checked with a second set of eye. Stubborn marks and hidden creases are removed.

Hand finish

Woollens are de-bobbled, fur collars groomed and any final bits of fluff etc. removed.


The item is packed in our environmentally friendly packaging.