• Covid19: We are open. See Coronavirus section under About Us for more information
  • Our 24/7 self-service PODS are Covid19 safe with no human interaction.

About Us

Peters’ Cleaners has been the leading provider of dry cleaning, laundry and repairs and alterations in Peterborough and Stamford since 1963.

Bought by Vicky Whiter in 2016, the company is continuing with its innovative tradition with the launch of its 24/7 self-service pods, a cashpoint style service for dry cleaning and has won 5 awards in the last 3 years for its customer service and innovation.

Our History

Peters’ Cleaners was established in Peterborough in February 1963 by Peter (father) and Peter (son) Grist, hence the name!

With its pioneering ‘on the spot’ cleaning’ it quickly earned a reputation it maintains today for exceptional cleaning coupled with award winning customer care. It was the local dry cleaner I used.

In June 2016, I bought the company from the Grist family. My objective was to ensure the exceptional cleaning the company had been providing for over 53 years was made more widely available.

You are at the heart of every decision I make. Before introducing any change, I ask myself 3 questions:

The team’s hard work to improve the customer experience has been rewarded with 5 awards in 3 years including Best Independent Retailer in the Mercury Awards twice and the 2020 SME Award for Best Dry Cleaner in the UK. But it doesn’t stop there…

In October 2019, we launched the UK’s only 24/7 self-service pod for the drop off and collection of dry cleaning at Serpentine Green Shopping Centre. A second unit is scheduled to open at Peterborough Station in December 2020.

Our pods give access to a wider number of customers by enabling them to drop off and pick up their dry cleaning at any time of the day or night 365 days a year. The quality of cleaning and price is the same as the shops.

We were recently announced as finalists in the Innovation category at the LADA 2020 Awards (the national laundry and dry cleaning industry awards) for our pods and await announcement of the winner at the end of November 2020.

So, if you haven’t done already, please come and see us. There is nobody in the area with more knowledge of cleaning, commitment to service and willingness to go that extra mile.

Vicky Whiter, Owner

Our Mission

Peters’ Cleaners mission is to ensure every item clean is returned to you on time, every time, in the best possible condition it can be.

Whether you visit our shops in Stamford or Peterborough, or use our convenient 24/7 self-service pods, each piece we dry clean, wet clean, launder or hand wash for you goes through our 7 stages of cleaning.

It is this attention to detail, along with our experience and exceptional customer service, that has earned us 5 awards in the last 3 years.

1. Detail
our staff examine every item prior to cleaning to identify any damage. If we see any need of a repair we contact you to offer the service.
2. Prepare
we carefully pre-treat all stains to get the best results and ensure delicates are cleaned separately in a bag to avoid any risk of damage. Any buttons that need protecting are covered to ensure they do not get damaged.
3. Clean
our policy is to always follow the instructions on the care label but in the rare event we think there is any risk of beads melting or colour running we will call you prior to cleaning to talk the risks through with you. You can then make an informed decision on whether dry cleaning is the best process for your item.
4. Press
after cleaning we press every item to the highest standard using specialist steam equipment. We take pride in ensuring straight crisp creases on trousers and that linings, pockets and collars are correctly pressed. Our longest-serving staff member has been pressing clothes for over 40 years.
5. Quality Control
every item is carefully checked with a second set of eye. Stubborn marks and hidden creases are removed.
6. Hand finish
woollens are de-bobbled, fur collars groomed and any final bits of fluff etc. removed.

7. Packing

the item is packed in our environmentally friendly packaging.

We have a 99.97% success rate of achieving our mission which is why many of our Customers have been regulars for over 30 years.

We are only human though and very occasionally a small stain may slip past us. In the event of this happening we always offer a free of charge re-clean as if you are happy, we are happy.

If you haven’t done already, please come and see us. There is nobody in the area with more commitment to service, knowledge of cleaning and willingness to go that extra mile.


Dry Cleaners are classified as an essential industry as cleanliness and hygiene are key during a pandemic.

From Monday 23rd November 2020 our opening hours in both shops will reduce to:

Monday: 10.30am – 3pm

Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday: 10am – 3pm

Thursday: CLOSED

Friday: CLOSED

Saturday: 10am – 3pm

We will continue to offer a full range of dry cleaning, laundry and repair and alterations but we are asking, where possible, for a week to get general cleaning done and 2 weeks for non-urgent items such as duvets etc.

We have educated our staff on the risks of Covid-19 and how to stay safe. Staff showing any symptoms are no allowed in work. We have also streamlined our pick-up and drop-off process for regular customers meaning we need less staff in the shop without compromising our service offering.

We appreciate that, at this difficult time, people are self-isolating and social distancing. We have done a full Covid-19 Risk Assessment to ensure we are in line with the Government’s guidelines to Staying Covid-19 Secure in 2020. The following measures in place:

1. You can use our 24/7 self-service POD at Serpentine Green to drop-off and pick-up your clothes. It is outside and there is no human contact. To make it Covid-19 Safe simply sanitise your hands before and after opening the doors. For more information (link).

2. In our shops, we are taking the following steps to ensure Customers and Staff stay safe:

3. Our staff are wearing face coverings, washing their hands regularly and wearing gloves when appropriate.

4. Customers are required to wear face coverings and to stay behind the screen. Only approach the counter if asked.

5. Customers are requested to keep a sensible distance (minimum 1 metre) distance between themselves and the counter. There are designated pick up and drop off areas so we don’t need to take things from you directly.

6. Regular customers have set up accounts speeding up drop off and collection. This ensures minimal queuing for all.

7. Customers are requested not to enter the shop if there a another Customer in the shop.

8. Customers are asked to visit the shop if they are showing any symptoms of Covid-19.

9. Both Staff and Customers are encouraged to use the drop-off/pick-up areas to avoid the direct handing over of any items.

10. Customers are provided with Alcohol Hand Rub.

11. We are thoroughly cleaning our shop and wiping handles, the card machine, tables etc. that customers touch after each visit.

12. We are keeping the shop aired.

13. We hope all our Customers stay safe and look forward to seeing you soon.