• COVID-19: Our shops are fully open Mon-Fri 8.30am - 5.30pm and Sat 8.30am - 4pm
  • Our 24/7 self-service pods are COVID-19 safe with no human interaction.

About Peters' Cleaners

Peters’ Cleaners is the multi-award-winning  provider of dry cleaning, laundry and repairs and alterations in Peterborough and Stamford. Established in 1963 it was the first provider of ‘on the spot’ dry cleaning in the area.

Vicky Whiter bought the business in 2016 and is continuing with its innovative tradition. In 2019 Peters’ Cleaners launched Europe’s first 24/7 self-service pods, a cashpoint drop off an dpick up for dry cleaning and laundry.

The business has won 6 awards in the last 3 years for its customer service and innovation. Its latest accolade was to be a finalist in the LADAs 2020.

About Us

Peters’ Cleaners was established in Peterborough in February 1963 by Peter (father) and Peter (son) Grist. It has been providing dry cleaning and laundry services in Peterborough and Stamford for nearly 60 years.

With its pioneering ‘on the spot’ cleaning it quickly earned a reputation for innovation. One it maintains today along with exceptional cleaning and  award-winning customer care.

Peters’ Cleaners was the local dry cleaner I used and I was excited when I had the opportunity to buy the business in June 2016.

The company now now has 2 shops in Millfield Peterborough and on St, Pauls Street, Stamford. Both shops provide dry cleaning and laundry services for a wide range of items including clothes, curtains, wedding dresses, rugs and bedding.

The business is focused on making its services available to more people. It is expanding through the launch of 24/7 self-service pods. These enable customers to drop off and pick their dry cleaning and laundry any time, any day.

The first pod 24/7 self-service pod is located at Serpentine Green shopping centre. A second is opening at Peterborough Station, at the back of Waitrose, in January 2021.

Customers are central to every decision the business makes. No change is made unless the answer to the following questions is a resounding ‘yes’:

  • Will it improve the quality of the cleaning?
  • Will it keep pricing in line with your expectations?
  • Will it be a more convenient service for you?

Peters’ Cleaners is also focused on becoming the most sustainable dry cleaner in the area. It is the only dry cleaner to offer wet cleaning. Wet cleaning is a more environmentally friendly method of cleaning than dry cleaning.

Over the next few years the company aims to be able to offer its services in more locations. Peters’ Cleaners looks forward to providing high quality, convenient and sustainable dry cleaning and laundry services to more customers.

Vicky Whiter, Owner